Translator’s vulnerability


Translators generally work in stressful conditions. They are expected to deliver their works by the agreed date. They often have to work under pressure of time. Yes, some clients are ready to pay a double rate. However, in return, the translator will translate twice as much as his/her fellow-professionals. And he/she is sitting on a chair for up to ten hours a day. Therefore, at the very least, we are dead-tired and have a backache.

If you are a freelancer, you face some periods with no work. Some of freelance translators have no additional income, so they are getting really nervous when the no-work period turns out to be protracted.

Studies show that one of the major stressors affecting translators and interpreters’ mental health is home life problems caused by their work. Many translators have no family because of their work. Otherwise, their families are concerned about the translators’ stress and even burnout.

According to the recent findings (, a stressed brain initiates excessive release of epinephrine, norepinephrine and the stress hormone cortisol. An everyday, steady release of stress hormones causes other reactions throughout the body. They steadily poison the system by spreading biological changes. Hence, we all are required to relieve stress (both routine and occasional).

What do translators need to cope with stress?

  • Healthy diet, sleep, and exercise
  • Transcendental meditation /yoga
  • Family and friends
  • A hobby
  • A friendly pet
  • High income
  • Satisfied and thankful clients

What else?


2 thoughts on “Translator’s vulnerability

  1. That’s a lot of negativity in one single article. That is not my reality, thankfully. Down times are used to study and market my skills, reach out to clients who I have not heard from, write something for my blog. I am a freelancer by choice and I welcome the downtime. It is a matter of preparing ahead of time for it. Work steady when there is work, do not over spend, save for the lean times, have a healthy diet and exercise – a good walk counts. It is a balance. I enjoy my freelance life.

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